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Scott and the #77 took the WIN
at the 10/19 ALL-STAR Nationals
in a wild race delayed by rain


Chubbuck, Hirschman and Perley Win at All-Star Nationals

by Denise Dupont

Sometimes You Can Win by Checking Out,
Sometimes You Can Win by Surviving
Scott at the All-Star Nationals HERE

#77 Team Report:

On Saturday, October 6th the Hight Motorsports team traveled to All-Star Speedway in Epping, NH for what they thought would be their last race of the year in the PASS 150. The car was good all throughout practice. Driver Scott Chubbuck qualified the car in the third starting position for the feature event. Excitement filled the pit of the Hight Motorsports crew in anticipation for the evening’s race. Too bad Mother Nature had other plans for the night. Rain moved in just as the Super Late Models were rolling to the starting grid. The race was cancelled.

Fast forward two weeks. The Hight Chevrolet Monte Carlo is back in Epping, NH for the All-Star Nationals, a 150 lap pro-stock race with the winner’s share of the purse being $10,000. The two day event was reduced to one when Mother Nature again ruined the plans for Friday night’s qualifying events.

After arriving Thursday evening, the car finally got to see the race track early Saturday afternoon for a couple of good practice sessions. Scott’s bad racing luck began after the drivers meeting when he drew himself the tail end of the 8 car heat race.

In the heat race Scott became the innocent victim of a battle between Dan McKeage and DJ Shaw. Scott was able to continue despite pretty severe damage on all corners of the car. With a badly bent wheel and bent panhard bar Scott salvaged a 3rd place finish.

After the heat races rain moved in over the speedway and a long delay followed. The team spent the rain delay repairing the car, straightening the rear end and the body.

An 8th place starting position in the feature kept Scott away from the first three cautions further back in the field. However, the fourth caution started in front of Scott on lap 2 (yes lap 2, the 4th caution), when the field was done stacking up in the middle of turns 3 and 4 the Hight Motorsports car was on top of the 88 Russ Hersey car.

For a moment it looked like that would be how the season would end for the team. The crew frantically scurried to the pit box to wait for the wrecker. Meanwhile, under the calm direction Glenn Stueber, team spotter, crew chief and motivational speaker, Scott was told to, “put the car in reverse and get off the guy.” And just as easy as that Scott backed off of the #88 and drove around into the pit with all four tires, apparently pointed in the same direction.

With the help of the crew and several others who joined in, some hammering, and several rolls of duct tape Scott was back on the track, with all the body panels (most of them taped together).

He made decent progress through the field over the next 30 laps. Around lap 35 the car began to push and it became apparent the right front tire was slowly going flat. The bad news was that it came during the beginning of the longest green flag run of the night. The good news was that the run only lasted about 15 laps. With the crew waiting, what seemed like an eternity, at the pit stall, the words, “there is our yellow,” finally came from Glenn who then told Scott to hit pit road for two right side tires.

Scott returned to the track with two fresh right side tires, the right front that came off the car had only 9# of air pressure. He restarted 15th and again looked to have a long ways to go to get to the front. However when the green flag flew Scott found out he was driving a rocket. Within about 10 laps he was up to 7th for the 12th restart of the race. He continued his drive to the front setting outside and inside of competitors, being careful not to scratch the paint. By lap 80, Chubbuck passed Travis Benjamin for the lead. During that battle half of the right front fender, not surprisingly, was lost.

Scott survived what seemed several restarts in the next 13 laps. Then when coming to the one to go flag, track owner, Bobby “ShowStoppa” MacArthur, indicated the show would stop in two laps as the midnight curfew had arrived. Chubbuck held off Dan McKeage, who raced Scott very clean, for the final two laps to win the race!

Under the direction of team owner Corey Hight, and with the approval of Glenn, Scott showed his respect for the noise curfew by bunting the nose of the car against the front stretch wall and putting on a spectacular smoke show.

PASS 400 Weekend - 7th Place
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway
September 21-23, 2007


September 25, 2007

To hear some of the challenges one might wonder what kind of weekend the Hight Motorsports team had.

Friday’s practice was spent chasing a bad shock which was luckily discovered just prior to the last practice of the day. On Saturday the luck of the draw led to a long day of qualifying and Sunday track officials decided to put track conditioner on the racing surface which gave a little extra hardship in addition to the 23rd starting position driver Scott Chubbuck would face in the 300 lapper. None the less The Hight Motorsports team made the best of every situation, keeping a good attitude and having another fun filled, successful weekend at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for the PASS 400 weekend.

Driver Scott Chubbuck’s lucky drawing streak came to an abrupt end with he drew dead last for the first heat race. The short, 12 lap, qualifiers didn’t give Scott enough time to make it into the 5th transfer spot, but a solid finish of 7th started him 3rd in the first consolation race. A tight pack of 5 cars battled all 12 laps for the 4 transfer positions in the consi race, with Chubbuck earning a 2nd place finish. That put Scott starting 23rd for Sunday’s 300 lap event. Spirits stayed high in the Hight pit as everyone knew the Monte Carlo was one of the fastest at the track.

Sunday’s events started with a great 100 lap outlaw race which saw Hight Motorsports crew member Tony Ricci put on some of the best racing of the weekend as he piloted Scott Mulkern’s #84 outlaw. He battled JR Baril for the final 20 laps and ultimately finished just inches behind him for a 2nd place finish.

Next it was Chubbuck’s turn to race. The plan was to go easy for the first part of the race and just pass what cars came easy and stay on the lead lap. That strategy paid dividends early as Chubbuck was well inside the top ten by lap 100. When the caution flew around lap 130 the car was great and Scott had driving flawlessly into the 4th position. It was time for the scheduled pit stop for right side tires and all the gas that could be packed into it. The Hight Motorsports crew performed great and got Scott back onto the track for a 5th place restart. Unfortunately the right side tires did not match well at all with the old left side tires. It was about 40 laps before the next caution flew. Scott brought the car back in for fresh left side tires and restarted about 12th position.

Chubbuck made another great charge to the front and within 50 laps was back up into 4th position but the car was not as good as it was early in the race. The ill handling car along with multiple restarts in the closing laps cost Scott a couple position, but he still brought the car home to a fantastic 7th place without a scratch on it.

The next race for the Hight Motorsports team will be the PASS race at All-Star Speedway Saturday October 6th.


The Biggest Race in New Brunswick
Sunday, September 2nd

25th Place

The Hight Motorsports team was confident heading into last weekends Peterbilt 250 at New Brunswick International Speedway. The two previous races on the Pro All Stars Series resulted in two podium finishes.

The team arrived at NBIS Thursday morning, unfortunately the rain arrived at the same time. But by early evening the track was dry and the Hight Motorsports car took to the track for some practice laps. After a few adjustments Scott determined the car was good and should be left alone until Saturday’s practice.

After camping out at the front of the pit gate line Saturday morning the team unloaded and was fast all day long. Over the course of the four practice sessions Scott’s name never appeared below third on the time sheets.
After some ribs and a good nights rest the crew returned Sunday morning for race day. Again the car was fast in all three practices, never falling below third on the time sheets.

Scott drew the outside pole for heat number two and led from flag to flag in the 20 lap heat race. That put the Hight car on the outside pole for the largest race in New Brunswick. Unfortunately it was all down hill from there.

Battling against Frank Frasier, Chubbuck led the first lap of the race, but decided to settle into second place when the first caution came out around lap 7. With a car spun at the exit of turn 2, Scott drove through the hole at the bottom of the track, only to have the spun car roll forward into his right front tire. After making a lap riding on the rim Scott made it into the pits where the crew changed the right front tire.

Over the next 30 laps he worked his way through the slower traffic. He was as fast as the leaders but under the next caution he wanted to come in to check the toe as it felt like the car was out of adjustment. As it turned out the sway bar linkage had actually broken during the flat tire, so the bar was not working. The crew put a plan in place to remedy the problem over the course of about 3 stops.

In the mean time Scott reported the motor running hot, which was very uncharacteristic of this motor. He worked hard to cool it down during the cautions and under race conditions, however around lap 100 the big red light came on in driver’s compartment and the weekend was over. The motor affectionately know as “Crispy” had expired.

The team however won’t be discouraged. Even though bad luck won out on Sunday night the team still had a strong showing for the weekend and looks forward to the 2008 edition of the Peterbilt 250.

The crate motor is on its way into the chassis and the team will move onto Beech Ridge for the PASS 400 weekend.

Thanks to Kyle's Mom

Speedway 95 on Sunday, August 26th

3rd Place


In the August 19th PASS North race at Wiscasset, Scott Chubbuck finished second. This week, he notched another podium finish with a third-place result.

“That wasn’t bad at all,” said Chubbuck. “We’re happy. Usually we do pretty good up here and we did today. We were a little bit loose in the heat and we thought that it was going to get worse for the feature, so we took out a spring rubbers in the left rear and it was tight the whole race.”

Chubbuck was strong early on and then faded. Near the end, he worked his way almost up to the lead. Was his car getting better? Not necessarily.

“I think that they just came back to us. We were running the same pace all day.”

Next up for Chubbuck will be Sunday’s Peterbilt 250 at New Brunswick International Speedway. Chubbuck won the prestigious open Pro Stock/Super Late Model race in 2005 and would like to repeat that fete.

“We’re headed up there on Thursday. We won’t have much to do to the car. Hopefully, we can win another one up there. We’re going to try.”

Race Report and Notes at Speed51 HERE

Sunday August 19th - 3 PM
PASS North SLM 150

presented by

Hight Chevrolet Pontiac Buik GMC of Skowhegan, ME
P.T. Watts and Watson Racing Heads

2nd Place

Speed51 Trackside Now:
PASS North at Wiscasset Speedway

Full report of the day's activities


Experience Pays Off For Johnny Clark at Wiscasset
Former Track Regular Grabs Victory in PASS North Return

When the Pro All Stars Series North Super Late Models visited Wiscasset Raceway (ME) on Sunday for the first time since the 2004 season, fans in the packed grandstands saw some things that were different. There were some new paint schemes, new driver and team combinations, a new track owner in Doug White and new faces on the Tour.

However, one thing had not changed in three years, or longer even. That was the fact that it takes experience to be able to wheel a racecar successfully around the coastal Maine oval and when it came to experience in the field for this event, nobody could top former track regulars Johnny Clark and Scott Chubbuck, who finished first and second in the 150-lap PASS North feature.

Clark got his start in racing driving a Strictly Stock at Wiscasset in 1994. At that time, Chubbuck was one of the top guns in the Pro Stock [now Super Late Model] division.

So for Clark to beat Chubbuck to take this victory was a major accomplishment.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Clark. “I grew up watching him race, but I don’t want to make him sound old because he’s not old. I was in Strictly Stocks when he was in Pro Stocks. I always looked up to Scott Chubbuck and I still do today. We get along real good and we race each other really clean. When I first started racing, I made a couple of bonehead moves and got into him, but that is behind us now.”

“It’s a lot of fun [to race with Johnny Clark], except when he brings up stories of watching me race when he was young,” chuckled Chubbuck after the race. “It makes me feel old.”

Young, old or somewhere in between, Clark just likes racing with Chubbuck.

“He races people with respect if they show him respect,” said Clark. “He’s one of the best racecar drivers in the state, that’s for sure.”

Clark started the race in the 12th position because PASS rules dictate that a winner from this current season cannot start a feature race in a top-10 position. He wasted little time working through the pack as Rick Martin and Steve Berry both led laps early on.

“It worked out good,” said Clark. “You always say that you don’t want to start that far back and that you hate the rule, but I totally understand the rule. It makes for a better race. I enjoyed coming up through.”

Just before halfway, Clark took over the top spot and never looked back from there. Chubbuck could stay on Clark’s bumper, but he never took the lead.

“We had the car on a rail,” said Clark. “[Crew chief] Bobby [Clark] said that it looked like DJ Shaw’s car when he won the Coastal 200 here. He was on a rail and just glided around. He was just on a ride and that is basically how they had the car for me tonight. I was just along for a ride. The car was so good and you only get one of those a couple of times each year.”

That fact was not lost on Clark’s fellow competitors.

“Johnny was just better than everybody, but he’s always good here,” said third-place finisher Ben Rowe. “He’s definitely got this place figured out.”

Clark knew that he had a great car after he won Saturday night’s 50-lap weekly Pro Stock/Super Late Model event. Still, he didn’t let the pressure of having to perform get to him.

“Not at all. I took a nap a few hours before the race and just rested up,” said Clark. “They looked the car over. We’ve been so strong since we’ve come here for the two 50-lappers. I know that they are only 50 laps, but the car was just so good when the sun went down, that I was really grinning when the sun went down. That is when the car was really on a rail.

“We were joking last night that we had just won the Busch race and now we had to go and win the big race. We went out and did that.”

Finishing behind Clark, Chubbuck and Rowe were Travis Benjamin and Mike Rowe.

Saturday, August 4th - 2nd
Clark's Car Crushing Pro Stock 50

Scott Chubbuck finishes second as Johnny Clark scores the win and Sam Sessions takes third in the Clark's Car Crushing Pro Stock Division debut at "The Center of Speed" now under the
new ownership of Doug White.

Pre-race Autograph Session on the All-Star Speedway front stretch

11th in the All-Stars 200

Epping, NH - June 30th: After a run to a 4th in Heat One, Scott started the feature from 7th. At the green flag, Scott settled into a solid run usually in 6th spot (high place of 4th on lap 71). But  on lap 93 the first of several incidents with other cars sent the #77 around in turn four and into the infield grass and down a lap into 17th place. With the help of a Lucky Dog lap back, Scott got back onto the lead lap only to be caught up in another tangle started by the pink #0. Back in action the #77 posted an 11th place finish.

Chubbuck Finishes 7th at Unity

Unity, ME: The Hight Motorsports team arrived at Unity Raceway this weekend for its first PASS race with new driver Scott Chubbuck. The car ran well in practice Friday among the top 5 most of the day. In practice Saturday morning the car was fast again in the top 5 the first two sessions and 7th in the third session.

Building on team owner Corey’s luck from two weeks ago in drawing the rear for the heat race at NBIS, Scott drew himself last again in the heat races. From that 8th place starting position he got up to 5th to earn a starting position of 14th for the feature.

When it came to feature time, the car started out pretty good and Scott quickly moved into the top 10. However, later in the race it became quite tight and kept him from advancing beyond 7th place. All in all it was a good race, Scott did a great job getting everything he could out of the car, and brought it back to us in one piece. The team is happy to have a solid run to build on in the next race.

Stay tuned for us to announce our next race within a couple days.

Coast Tire "Best of the Best" Pro Stock 100

Geary, NB - Sat. June 2nd

The #77 Takes the WIN at NBIS
Checkers to Story HERE

Shawn Tucker, of Fredericton is second and
Dave O’Blenis of Boundary Creek is third.

The win guaranteed Chubbuck a starting spot on
the grid for the Peterbilt 250 on September 2.

Story in The Daily Gleaner HERE

PASS North at New Brunswick Int'l
Geary, NB - May 19th
Cancelled due to Weather
Scott Chubbuck was to be the driver.

Test at Beech Ridge on 5/10 for Scott to shake down the #77

Good Luck at NBIS!

Jackson Hight checks out the race car

December 22, 2006

The Hight Motorsports team is busy preparing the Hight Dealerships Monte Carlo for the 2007 season. The new graphics on the car were recently completed at Erik Designs in Rumford. Now it is time to set it up on jack stands in the new shop and prepare it for competition over the winter months.

The team plans to support the Pro All Stars Series in their major events as well as any other large pro stock race in the region in the 2007 season. Once all the schedules are released the team plans to establish a tentative 4 to 6 race schedule for the season. A driver announcement will also be forthcoming in the next couple of months.

Hight Motorsports would like to thank sponsors Hight Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac and GMC now of Skowhegan and Farmington as well as Al’s Pizza for continued support. And new for the 2007 season the team welcomes the new Hight Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep of Madison as well as Martin Leblanc Builders on board.

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29 Madison Ave.    Skowhegan, ME   -   (207) 474-3371   -

FP98     3-12-05