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Corey & Chad

Hight Motorsports

Sat. Oct. 20th
16th at OPS
Two different setups during the day and mutiple pit stops during the 150 couldn't get the #77 up
to speed. Cassius finished 2nd to Travis Benjamin in PASS North points by 19 markers.

Broken Rear End and a 32nd
at the All American 400

Saturday, September 22nd
8th at WMMP
The race was only a few laps old when a dramatic crash in turn one left the #77 hurting. A slow down in the lead group forced Cassius to brake and pull right to miss the
car in front. The #16 of Kevin Roberge arrived at full speed and banked off the right side of the #77. Launching over the front wheel, the #16 nailed the outer wall and then rode along the top before dropping back to the track.
The #77 continued on, but it was a struggle for Cassius to bring it home in 8th.

4th at the 300
The 300 laps at Beech Ridge showcased great racing among the top seven finishers with six taking the lead
at some point. Only after the lap 281 final restart did the finish order become clear. Battling the low lying sun in turn one, Cassius came home fourth, one spot behind Travis Benjamin in the #17. Cassius retains the lead in the PASS North points chase 2770 to 2762 for Benjamin with two events remaining.

Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams

6th at Stafford
The #77 was too loose and then too tight after the mid-break tire change. Cassius had a solid run to 6th as the race was shortened to 110 laps due to tire wear concerns. The
points chase stays tight with Cassius on top with 2552. DJ Shaws holds second at 2543 and Travis Benjamin is third at 2542.

Sunday, August 12th
3rd at White Mountain
The 123 laps of the rain shortened WMMP Sunday race were enough for Cassius to move up into third when the race was red flagged. The solid run added nicely to the #77 PASS North points lead.The motor lost a cylinder part way through so a diagnosis and repair will be needed before travel down to Stafford Motor Speedway on 8/26, a first time visit for PASS.

Saturday, August 4th
8th at Seekonk
A deflating front right tire prevented Cassius from advancing further than 8th from his previous winner's
starting spot.

Win #3
Victory Lane at Oxford 250 Weekend!
Oxford Plains Speedway and the 250 weekend have never been kind to the Hight Motorsports team over the years. But that all changed on Saturday night when Cassius Clark brought home the 3rd victory of the season for the Hight Motorsports team! Cassius, who had two previous PASS victories at Oxford, displayed excellent poise throughout the entire race as he worked his way to the lead in the final 20 laps.

From the first few laps of practice the night before the race it was clear that Crew Chief Brian Burgess had nailed the set up again. After only a few hot laps in that Friday night practice Cassius knew he had a car he could win with, telling the crew it was, “a hot rod!”

After a 2nd place finish in the heat race Cassius started 12th on the field per the PASS rulebook (Previous winners can’t start inside the top 10). Throughout the first half of the race he was forced to ride behind slower cars as he found himself either in the wrong lane or behind a side by side battle that he couldn’t break through. Finally after a series of restarts and patient hard work Cassius was able to work his way up to 5th.

With a restart around lap 100 he quickly made his way up to 2nd place as many of the top runners seemed to be fading backwards. Leader Kyle DeSouza had a straightaway lead at one point until Cassius turned up the heat and began to close in on him. He was within a couple of car lengths when the final caution waved at lap 128. After a side by side battle for a couple of laps Cassius broke free and set sail on the field. In the final few laps he was slowed by a couple of lap cars, but was able to hold off Trevor Sanborn for the checkered flag!

With the win Cassius also takes the points lead away from Travis Benjamin. It’s the first time this season Cassius has had the points lead. In fact just 4 races ago after the Vallee Junction Quebec race, he was in 7th. It’s been an impressive run since then and the entire team intends to continue to work hard to keep it going!

Awesome job to the entire crew for a great performance all weekend! Special thanks to all our families and friends who made it over to support the race!

5th at Thompson

5th at Beech Ridge
On a night when all the teams were struggling to find some
handling, Cassius battled low grip to post a 5th place finish. The heat looked good with a run to second. From 11th place starting spot as a previous 2012 winner, Cassius moved up to 7th in the early going. But there was nothing left for the cars ahead and the #77 moved up to 5th only as others faded. But poor finishes by others allowed Cassius to move into third in the points standings - and only six out of first and two out of second.

The Highs and Lows of Stock Car Racing!
Just one week after a race ending wreck at Autodrome Chaudiere in Quebec, Cassius Clark brought the Hight Chevrolet Port City race car back to victory lane Saturday night at Canaan Fair Speedway!

The Saturday before at Chaudiere was a long day for the team. It started with the car sustaining heavy cosmetic damage in a heat race melee. The crew hustled to get the car ready just in time for the feature. Cassius was working his way up through the field when a suspension part broke from prior contact with a lap car. The result was a quick snap into the turn 2 wall.
While the damage was quite heavy, luckily the front clip was not bent. Once back to the shop the crew immediately got to work on getting the car repaired. A few suspension parts, body panels and a lot of hours later the car was ready by 10pm Friday night to make the long trip to Canaan, New Hampshire. Special thanks to TJ Brackett who squeezed the car into his shop and did an excellent job hanging the new body panels and repairing the suspension mounting points!

The hauler left the shop at 5am Saturday morning and made it over to Canaan, in time for the pit gates to open. From the first laps of practice Cassius was very happy with the race car. Saying after the first run, “It turns really good and has great grip up off the corner.” The crew tried a few adjustments, but ultimately ended up right back at the setup crew chief Brian Burgess had in the car when it left the shop.

In the heat race Cassius displayed great patience and finished 2nd. As a previous race winner this year in the PASS series, he couldn’t start inside the top ten. Ultimately he ended up starting 13th, behind two other previous winners, Travis Benjamin and Joey Doiron.

Unlike Cassius’s earlier win in the season at White Mountain, he didn’t cruise right up to the front this time. This time it would take more time and patience to work his way to the lead. With the race going green through more than the first half, he picked up positions methodically one at a time while conserving the race tires for the end of the race. After the first caution around lap 85, Cassius was up to 6th, but dropped back to 8th when he got caught in traffic on the restart. He quickly worked his way back up to 6th, when the transmission jumped out of gear on the back stretch costing him valuable time.

By lap 115 he was settled back into a good rhythm and worked his way up to 3rd place, but he was still a straightaway behind race leaders Ben Rowe and Travis Benjamin. Within a few laps though, he had them chased down and worked his way around Benjamin and was in Rowe’s wheels tracks when the final caution came out around lap 135.

The fans were in for a great show with a couple of the best Super Late Model drivers in country starting on the front row with the race on the line. The two raced side by side for a couple of laps with Cassius slowly making forward progress on Rowe. Eventually Cassius got ahead of Rowe, but it took a few more laps before he could actually clear him and get back down to the bottom groove. It was a spectacular display of driving by both drivers who never even rubbed tires through all the close racing. In the final few laps Cassius was able to put a few car lengths on Rowe and take the checkered flag for the 2nd time in the 2012 season!

A great job by the entire team with all the hard work getting to the race track and at the track in the heat on Saturday!

17th at Chaudiere
The trouble started at the drop of the first heat green. The
#87 just didn't go and the lane stacked up immediately.
Cassius was nailed in the back and turned to the right.
Repairs were completed well before the feature. In the race, Cassius was running in the front pack when something broke in the right front suspension and the #77 went right into the turn two exit wall and out of the race.

3rd at 660


No. Woodstock, NH
“We did it boys!”
After a disappointing race at Star Speedway, where the motor expired while making a charge to the front of the pack, the crew had high hopes going into the race at White Mountain Motorsports Park. (Thanks to PT Watts for lending the team a motor to use!)

The car was fast out of the trailer. The crew kept busy during practice tweaking it and shaking down the different motor. Cassius started 8th in the heat race and worked his way up to third in the short 12 twelve laps.

That put the Hight Chevrolet Impala starting 8th for the feature. Once the green flag dropped it was clear that crew chief Brian Burgess had given Cassius a fast hot rod. Within a couple of laps he worked his way up to 4th, and proceeded to pass the top three cars on the outside, taking the lead from Travis Benjamin around lap 18. Over the next 30 laps Cassius extended his lead to a straightaway, lapping car after car.

Everyone’s heart sank though when he came on the radio around lap 50 and said he thought, “The motor is blowing up!” Luckily it wasn’t blowing up, its tone did drastically change though causing a lot of concern. As it turned out, a bracket holding the headers together broke, causing the exhaust to come apart.

During the first caution Cassius also reported the water temperature gauge was reading very high, yet again causing much concern among the crew. However, without it pushing any water out of the overflow, the team decided it had to be a faulty gauge, perhaps damaged when the motor blew the week before.

The car did get a bit tight during the final half of the race, but Cassius survived several late race restarts, battling Travis Benjamin and Ben Rowe. It appeared the last 40 laps were going to go green, with Cassius out to a straightaway lead again, when a car spun coming to the white flag lap, creating a green white checkered restart. With Joey Pole lined up outside, and Johnny Clark behind Cassius in 3rd, it looked like a win wasn’t guaranteed after all. However, Cassius “got it done” on the restart and pulled away by a couple car lengths to the checkered flag!

The win marks the first PASS win for the Hight Motorsports team after several years of competition! A huge thank you goes out to all of the crew members and their families for the support and hard work over the years! Many thanks also go to Walter and Corey Hight for allowing it all to happen and their support through all of the ups and downs. And finally a “Big” thanks to crew chief Brian Burgess and driver Cassius Clark, the addition of their talent this year has already proved to be invaluable!

Cassius Clark Brings New Team to
PASS North Victory Lane
Clark's 14th Career PASS North Win is the First for Hight Team
By Mike Twist, Northeast Editor
It wasn’t too long ago when Cassius Clark was winning a lot of races in the PASS North series. A total of 13 to be exact. They occurred frequently enough, with a stretch of three victories in a row to start out the 2006 racing season, that many fans even got tired of seeing Clark out front. A reduced schedule by then-car owner Ed Chapman and a move down South for Clark switched his roles up though. Instead of victories at places like Thompson, Speedway 95 or Oxford; Clark was instead running near the front at places like Concord or Five Flags for a variety of different car owners. Bad racing luck kept Clark from sealing the deal at many of those venues in recent seasons, however.

Meanwhile, back up North, there was a team that knew a thing or two about good performance and bad racing luck. That was the #77 operation of Hight Motorsports. The Hight family fielded cars for some of the most successful racers in Maine – guys like Ralph Nason and Scott Chubbuck. But they just couldn’t break on through to victory lane in PASS North competition. They weren’t about to give up though. The Hight family has owned car dealerships in the Pine Tree State for over 100 years and nothing that they do has ever been halfway or short-term.


Out on Lap 89 with a Motor Problem
for an 18th Place Finish

Beech Ridge - May 5th
4Th for Cassius and the #77
From the back after a pit stop for adjustments up to
4th in the closing laps -  a great run at the Ridge.

4TH place for the #8 just
a couple of feet out of 3rd.
Qualified in 10th.

The Hight Motorsports gang & the Dicky Woodman crew down at the PASS South
Easter Bunny 150
at Hickory Motor Speedway
Best of Luck
from Corey Hight

The new look from Erik Designs.

Brian Burgess
has joned the team as the
new Crew Chief for 2012.
Welcome Brian!

Winter Rebuild for 2012




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