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Minicup Team

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Corey & Chad

Hight Motorsports

13th in the PASS 300

Sunday, September 5th - 2 PM
Hight Motorsports is headed up to Speedway 660
for the Auto Value 250 open SLM race.
P.T. Watts for all the motor help that he has provided for the team. Without him it would not be possible to run this weekend's race at 660!
All my crew members and their families
for the long hours at the shop!

7TH PLACE FINISH after coming from the
back of the pack following a tangle.

3rd at Spud Speedway on 8/21

Top Three SLM at Spud: L to R - Trevor Sanborn #44, 2nd,
Winner Johnny Clark #54; and Scott Chubbuck #77, 3rd.

2nd at 660 on 8/14
A last minute decision had the Hight Motorsports team head to the Geary woods near Fredriction, New Brunswick for an open comp Super Late Model/Pro Stock race on Saturday, August 14th.  After being fast in practice and winning the heat race, the #77 started on the pole for the Max 1 Advanced Synthetic Pro Stock 150.  After a real strong run the team finished second to Dave O'Blenis in the #48. Lonnie Sommerville #23 placed third.

8th at RIVERSIDE on 7/31

Another race event that started off so well. Scott took the win the the heat and once again lined up second for the 150 lap feature. The #77 jumped into the lead at the green but was soon challenged and passed by the #53 of Bill Rodgers and the #44 of Trevor Sanborn. Running in third, Scott was pressed
by the #84 of Scott Mulkern, #98 of Adam Bates, and the #8 of Cassius Clark.
This group put on some of the hardest fought racing of the night. At lap 132, running with the #84, the #77 was unfortunately in the way of a charging Mike Rowe #2 who knocked the #77 off track instead of waiting to make a clean pass. Rowe was DQ'd for the action and told to park on pit lane. Scott charged back towards the front, finally passing the #48 of Ben Rowe for 8th place.
(With the DQ of the #44 of Trevor Sanborn after tech and a scoring revision,
the #77 moved from 10h to 8th.) Scott stands 4th in PASS North Points.

A good car in the limited practice time available and a win in heat two over Ben Rowe gave the #77 a second place on the Bastille 200 starting grid on Tuesday, July 13th. At the checkers Scott took the lead from pole sitter Derek Ramstrom. Kelley Moore came up to join the battle. Scott was then racing Gary Smith in the #75 for third. But a tire started to go down, and as the crew waited for the #77, the car went into the wall on lap 48. Extensive damage put Scott out of the race with a finish of 24th.

 Firecracker 150 - Sat. July 3rd - 8th Place
Adjustments to counteract a push turned into too much the other way as
Scott fought an oversteering #77 during the 150 lapper as the track cooled
after dark. Scott hung on to take eighth place at the checkers after a
start from sixth on the grid.

Mini Cup #77
With Jackson serving as Crew Chief, Josh finished second in his heat and then third in his first race ever. To get more track time,
Josh then ran a class up and scored a fourth. Congratulations!

PASS North 150 - Sun. June 20th - 16th Place
Run in top three spoiled by a flat. 

PASS North 200 - Sat. June 12th - 4th Place
4th Place at 660

PASS North 150 - Sat. May 22nd - 10th Place

After a rainout on May 8th, this Saturday May 22nd will be the first race for Josh behind the wheel of the #77 Mini Cup Car. All of his family, crew, and friends wish him the best of luck!
>> Cancelled due to illness.

Saturday, May 1st - PASS 100 - 13th Place
After a good day of practice on Friday and a nice start to Saturday practice,
the handling of the #77 disappeared during the second practice session. A range of changes resulted in no improvement. A fourth row start in the heat led to a finish outside of the top five that transferred to the feature. No luck in
making it into the top three in the conci either. So taking a provisional was necessary to start the 150 lapper.

Scott had his work cut out for him coming up from the back of the 31 car grid but made it into mid-pack where the racing was hard and close. Scott brought the #77 into pits for adjustments in the final third of the race but still was running at least a tenth off of the needed lap time. The #77 was the final car
on the lead lap for a thirteenth place scoring.

After the Graphics by Erik Designs

Fresh Bodies for the Race Cars
Next stop....Erik Designs in Rumford, ME
 so Erik can work his magic with the graphics

Jackson Hight at the wheel of the Mini Cup racer.

The 2010 Winter Rebuild is Coming Along

New Hight Motorsports Race Car
Looks like there is an addition to the Hight Motorsports stable:
a Mini Cup car that owner Corey Hight's stepson Josh McKenney will be racing in the summer of 2010.  From the picture it
appears that the owner's son Jackson will be the crew chief.




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29 Madison Ave.    Skowhegan, ME   -   (207) 474-3371   -

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